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Jared is the hopeless romantic of

the group, but is often too shy to

show it.  He dreams of adventures far

away, but would never consider actually leaving

his family and friends.

 Age: Six

Favorite Movie: Any of the Original Star Wars Trilogy

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Sport: Hockey




Full of fun facts and a dry wit, Kyle

keeps the gang on their toes. 

He is quite the conspiracy theorist, and questions

everything the world presents to him.

 Age: Six

Favorite Movie: Planet of the Apes (The Original)

*The day will come when the apes rise up.  Be prepared!

Favorite Food: Hamburgers

Favorite Sport: Baseball (and he knows EVERYTHING about it)




It doesn't take much to make

Dan happy.  He has only two goals in life.

The first is to be a Rock Star.

The second is to have every girl in the world

fall in love with him.  With his guitar in

hand and an outgoing personality,

 he's the playground Casanova.


Age: Six and a Half

Favorite Movie: Too busy playin' guitar to watch TV

Favorite Food: Tofu (A healthy body makes a healthy mind)

Favorite Sport: Zen Hacky-Sac



Amy is the ultimate optimist.

She's always looking on the bright side of life

with a smile on her face and

a song in her heart.

She loves to watch old musical movies

and loves all types of animals, especiall pigs and frogs.


 Age: Six

Favorite Movie: The Music Man

Favorite Food: Fruit, especially Strawberries

Favorite Sport: Aerobics



Cindi is the computer wiz of the kids.

There's nothing she can't do with a PC.

The only thing better than her computer skills is her

sarcastic wit.

Cindi loves everything from the 1980s,

even though she wasn't born for a long time after.


Age: Five and a Half

Favorite Movie: Legend

Favorite Food: Salad

Favorite Sport: Kickboxing



Veronica is an artist in every sense of the word.

She has a way with words and

dreams of being a famous writer some day.

She's also good at drawing,

has a sharp sense of humor

and always speaks her mind.


Age: Five

Favorite Movie: Beauty and the Beast

Favorite Food: Bologna Sandwiches

Favorite Sport: Do Video Games Count?



Franz is a year older than the boys.

He's wiser too, and they look.

to him for advise in getting around.

their new school.

He knows a lot about the boys' favorite things,

so he talks to Jared about Star Wars,

Kyle about baseball, and Dan about music.


Age: Seven

Favorite Movie: The Empire Strikes Back...Religiously

Favorite Food: Pizza

Favorite Sport: Baseball

Plus more on the way!
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