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The World of Matty is the online showcase for my art.
Click any of the links above to check out the different types of art that are here.

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First off there's The Sandbox, my online comic strip about three best friends who spend their days together contemplating the mysteries of the world. They discuss life, music, girls and movies while trying to have a good time.
The Sandbox Sample
There's also The Original Art Gallery, which shows art I've created for school projects, comissions or out of random bursts of creativity.
Then there's The FanArt Gallery, a collection of pictures of some of my favorite characters that already exist in comics, cartoons and movies.
Sleestack Mountain Sample
There's also the Links Page that will connect you to other cool sites
that feature Art, Music, and Video.
Please feel free to Contact me with any thoughts, questions or ideas.
I'll gladly try to accomodate any commissions.



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