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All Characters are Copyrighted by Their Respective Creators and Parent Companies
Sleestack Mountain
The Green Goblin
Sleestack Mountain: Drawing Colored Digitally
The Green Goblin: Drawing Colored Digitally
Zapp Branagan Vs The Alien
The Quacking Joke
THE Zapp Brannigan: Pencil and Ink with Digital Colors
  The Quacking Joke: Pencil and Ink with Digital Colors (Inspired By)
Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man: B&W
Spider-Man 3 Inspired: Pencil and Ink
Spider-Man: Pencil and Ink
Batman vs Catwoman
Captain America
Bat vs. Cat: Pencil and Ink with Watercolor Paint
Captain America in WWII: Pencil and Ink with Digital Colors
Spider-Man in Color
Watership Down: Hazel and Fiver
Spider-Man Sideways: Drawing Colored Digitally
Watership Down's Hazel and Fiver: Drawing in Pencil
Twilight on Sesame Street
Spider-Man Upside Down
Twilight on Sesame Street: Pencil and Ink with Digital Clouds
  Spider-Man Swinging Upside-Down: Pencil and Ink Drawing, Digital Colors
Underworld: Drawing in Pencil and Ink
Lion-O: Drawing in Pencil and Ink
Betty Boop
The Merman
Betty Boop: Painting in Watercolors
The Merman: Drawing in Pencil
Monster's Ink
Monster's Ink: Drawing Colored Digitally
Maccus: Drawing in Pencil
Poison Ivy
Wolverine and Mysterio
Poison Ivy: Drawing Colored Digitally
Wolverine and Mysterio: Drawing in Pencil
Yoda Painting
  All Star Darkwing
Master Yoda: Watercolor Painting
  All-Star Darkwing: Pencil and Ink Drawing Colored and Lettered Digitally (Inspired By)
Batman Unmasked
Emma Frost
Batman Unmasked: Pencils and Ink
Emma Frost, The White Queen: Pencil and Ink with Digital Colors
Spider-Man Angled
The Avengers Assembled
Spider-Man Angled: Pencil and Ink with Digital Colors
Avengers Assembled: Pencil and Ink
The Flash and Green Lantern
Care Bears at the Krusty Krab
The Flash and The Green Lantern: Drawing in Pencil
Care Bears At The Krusty Krab: Painting in Watercolors
The Batman
The Black Cat
Batman Inked: Pencil and Ink
The Black Cat: Pencil and Ink
Why So Serious?
Avenging Gwen
Quackerjack Asks: Pencil and Ink with Digital Colors (Inspired By)
Avenging Gwen Stacy: Pencil and Inks with Digital Colors
Be Careful, Peter
The Joker Extended
Be Careful, Peter: Pencil and Ink
The Joker Extended: Pencil and Ink with Digital Color and Text
Batman Awaits
Logan Snikt
Batman Awaits: Pencil and Ink with Digital Colors
Logan: Pencil on Bristol
Minnie Hugs
The Joker Smiles
Minnie Mouse Hugs: Pencils and Inks with Watercolors
The Joker Smiles: Pencil and Ink
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